• This is truly phenomenal both in terms of the playing and the recording. … That said, the only word to describe the Alexander Quartet members and Joyce Yang’s playing is exquisite.
  • The standout was Joyce Yang, who gave a knockout performance.
  • She is one of the great chamber music players of her generation.
  • Tremendous suggestive power and imagination.
  • Glittered and roared…feisty and even witty


In a world of dime store piano virtuosi, all with impeccable technique, she seems like something out of Tiffany's special collection.
Gregory Sullivan Isaacs
Astonishing virtuoso with tremendous suggestive power and imagination.
Neue Zurcher Zeitung
Her attention to detail and clarity is as impressive as her agility, balance and velocity.
Washington Post
Joan Rheinthaler
Vivid and beautiful playing
The New York Times
Vivien Schweitzer
de Waart conducted Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 3, with Joyce Yang, Silver Medalist of the 12th Van Cliburn International Competition, as the soloist ... She played with a polished, pearly evenness that was remarkable for its ease up and down the keyboard.
Los Angeles Times
Charles Pasles
Mr. Maazel led a taut performance (of Bernstein’s “Age of Anxiety”), and the orchestra played this dark-hued music vividly and with a sharp edge. But the standout was Joyce Yang, who gave a knockout performance of the alternately poetic, fiery and occasionally jazz-tinged piano line.
The New York Times
Allan Kozinn