Introducing "Deep Dive" and "Cocktail Q&A" video series

September 7th, 2020
Introducing "Deep Dive" and "Cocktail Q&A" video series

Hello Friends!

Due to COVID19, the remainder of my 2020 concerts have been canceled. However, that does not mean the music stops; “the show must go on!” In July I took my first steps into the digital frontier, and now as we move into the fall I am pleased to announce a new series of digital offerings made possible through “Patreon.” 

“Patreon” is a new platform, with an accompanying app, that allows independent creators like myself to post new content and receive direct support from my subscribers. Currently, my work is posted on many different social media sites and streaming services. On my Patreon page, I have gathered all of the highlights from these various websites, and will be posting new exclusive content only available for my Patreon supporters.

If you become a supporter on my Patreon page, you will have all the new content I create delivered directly to your inbox so you won’t have to go hunting to find my latest projects. I am working each week to bring you Music Videos, “Cocktail Q&A”s, and a new video series called “Deep Dive” where I talk in detail about aspects of piano performance and music making. I will also be posting live recording clips from my past performances pulled from my private archive.

The full access subscription is $5/month, and there are higher tiers if you feel inclined to send more support my way. Higher tiers of support get you perks like free CDs, hand written cards, one-on-one access/private lessons, and free concert tickets (when concerts resume). You can opt out or change tiers at any time.

Your support will give me the freedom and inspiration to continue performing music during this lockdown period. Thank you for all of your support thus far, and I hope to see you on Patreon!

Yours sincerely,